government agency

government agency
an administrative unit of government

the Central Intelligence Agency


the Census Bureau


Office of Management and Budget


Tennessee Valley Authority

Syn: ↑agency, ↑federal agency, ↑bureau, ↑office, ↑authority
Derivationally related forms: ↑official (for: ↑office)
executive agency, ↑Food and Drug Administration, ↑FDA, ↑Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ↑CDC, ↑Counterterrorist Center, ↑CTC, ↑Nonproliferation Center, ↑NPC, ↑Bureau of the Census, ↑Census Bureau, ↑National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ↑NOAA, ↑National Climatic Data Center, ↑NCDC, ↑National Weather Service, ↑Technology Administration, ↑National Institute of Standards and Technology, ↑NIST, ↑National Technical Information Service, ↑NTIS, ↑Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ↑DARPA, ↑Department of Defense Laboratory System, ↑LABLINK, ↑Department of Energy Intelligence, ↑DOEI, ↑United States Public Health Service, ↑PHS, ↑National Institutes of Health, ↑NIH, ↑Bureau of Justice Assistance, ↑BJA, ↑Bureau of Justice Statistics, ↑BJS, ↑Immigration and Naturalization Service, ↑INS, ↑United States Border Patrol, ↑US Border Patrol, ↑Bureau of Diplomatic Security, ↑DS, ↑Foreign Service, ↑Bureau of Intelligence and Research, ↑INR, ↑United States Fish and Wildlife Service, ↑US Fish and Wildlife Service, ↑FWS, ↑National Park Service, ↑Financial Management Service, ↑Office of Intelligence Support, ↑OIS, ↑Comptroller of the Currency, ↑Bureau of Customs, ↑Customs Bureau, ↑Customs Service, ↑USCB, ↑Bureau of Engraving and Printing, ↑Internal Revenue Service, ↑IRS, ↑Federal Aviation Agency, ↑FAA, ↑Transportation Security Administration, ↑TSA, ↑Government Accounting Office, ↑GAO, ↑United States Government Accounting Office, ↑United States Navy, ↑US Navy, ↑USN, ↑Navy, ↑United States Coast Guard, ↑U. S. Coast Guard, ↑US Coast Guard, ↑Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, ↑NAWCWPNS, ↑Naval Special Warfare, ↑NSW, ↑Naval Surface Warfare Center, ↑NSWC, ↑Naval Underwater Warfare Center, ↑NUWC, ↑Office of Naval Intelligence, ↑ONI, ↑Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, ↑MCIA, ↑United States Air Force, ↑U. S. Air Force, ↑US Air Force, ↑Air Force, ↑USAF, ↑Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, ↑Air Force ISR, ↑AFISR, ↑independent agency, ↑Advanced Research and Development Activity, ↑ARDA, ↑Defense Logistics Agency, ↑Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, ↑DRMS, ↑Defense Technical Information Center, ↑DTIC, ↑law enforcement agency, ↑Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ↑OSHA, ↑organ, ↑Patent and Trademark Office Database, ↑Patent Office, ↑United States Government Printing Office, ↑US Government Printing Office, ↑Government Printing Office, ↑GPO, ↑National Guard Bureau, ↑NGB, ↑United States Army, ↑US Army, ↑U. S. Army, ↑Army, ↑USA, ↑Army Intelligence, ↑AI, ↑Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, ↑BMDO, ↑Defense Information Systems Agency, ↑DISA, ↑National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, ↑NGA, ↑Casualty Care Research Center, ↑CCRC, ↑Federal Housing Administration, ↑FHA, ↑local authority
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